Monday, November 28, 2005

17 Is 13 But Will Be 10, Got That?

Oh, the confusion:
DECATUR - Now that viewers are accustomed to Decatur TV station WAND being an affiliate of NBC, another change is ahead.

Insight cable service subscribers in Decatur and Springfield will find WAND on channel 10 of the cable lineup beginning Thursday.
WAND has been on cable Ch. 13 here in Springfield for at least 30 years and through as many cable company changes. Remember when TVs weren’t “cable ready” and there were no cable boxes? Cable was pretty much limited to the 12 VHF channels (2-13) on your manual TV tuner.

Back when our family first got this limited channel service in 1975 we got the three networks, WILL (PBS), WGN, KPLR (St. Louis) and not much more (WRSP Ch. 55 didn't exist then). One channel was scrambled for HBO about that time and I think we got the weather info on a channel. I’m not sure what, if anything, was on the other few channels. This was before even CNN or C-SPAN.

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