Monday, November 21, 2005

Mike Wilson Signs Off

The sudden departure of WMAY’s Mike Wilson from the Springfield airwaves caused a stir in the Springfield Blogosphere greater than anything I’ve ever seen here. I was thinking about this over the weekend and I think this is for several reasons:

Mike Wilson is also a local blogger

Other WMAY personalities have blogs

Radio talk shows (like Mike’s) share a common audience with blogs

Local bloggers know Mike personally

OK, no great insights there but I think that’s what it comes down to. It was a “local” story in Springfield Blogville.

By the way, Mike posted on his blog over the weekend thanking his supporters but shedding no light on what happened to him at WMAY:

What great friends I have. Thanks for posting your messages of support and dissent, but now it is time to move forward, as I plan to do. It is a fact that I won't return to Midwest Family Broadcasting. It is also a fact that I am limited in the statements I'm able to make. Accept the fact that there won't be a show, and allow my former colleagues to move on with their programs, as I plan to move forward with my career.

If anyone has any thoughts they would like to share, email me.

I will update this post with my new employment status when I make a decision.

“It is also a fact that I am limited in the statements I'm able to make”, says to me this was more than a layoff for budgetary reasons. But whatever; Mike’s right, it’s time to move on.

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