Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Back

OK, just got in. What did I miss?

I heard these guys did something...

And that maybe Sacred Heart Griffin is now...

As a 1978 Griffin grad and one of those around for their first attempt in 1975 -


Photo and graphic gratuitously ripped-off from
this excellent Cyclones web site

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BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I was at that 1975 game, a wee lad I. A beer can collector at the time, my fondest memory of the day was my first exposure to 7oz. cans of Strohs. The guys in front of my family were drinking them, but crueling crushing them before depositing them under the bleachers. Not only did the Cyclones lose that day, but I didn't get any new pieces for my collection

I saw them come close in 1982, when I was a GHS sophomore. Heartbreaking and still too hard to talk about.

In 1995, I fought through a nasty case of influenza to attend the championship game in Normal. But my grit and determination wasn't enough. Again the Cyclones came up short.

I wussed out in 2003. While SHG played bridesmaid to Joliet Catholic, I was basking in the Florida sun.

But I made it to Champaign yesterday, and never was I prouder to be a Griffin grad. There was a huge contingent of fans, all boisterous in support of the home team without being obnoxious or belittlering. Coach Leonard is without a doubt a class act. And the Cyclones finally got what they deserved.

I don't buy the accusation that SHG's success is the result of improper recruitment of players. Despite the allegations, nobody has offered any reasonable proof.

But should they decide to take the low road and offer improper incentives to would-be students, I would suggest that they concentrate on brass players and percussionists because the marching band is in need of some serious help.