Monday, November 28, 2005

Football Harmonic Convergence

I’m not huge into football. You might say I’m, at best, a fair-weather fan of my alma mater teams (high school and college) and my favorite pro team. When they're doing well, I pay attention. When they are not, it’s a big “who cares” for me. A strange thing is happening this year. All of “my” teams are kicking some serious ass.

The Sacred Heart Griffin Cyclones just took the state championship, something that has always eluded them.

The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Salukis won their first post-season playoff game against Eastern Illinois over the weekend.

And the Chicago Bears look like they may be SuperBowl bound for the first time sine 1986.

While the Cyclones have had a winning tradition for the last 30 years, the Salukis and Bears have not been as prolific. With all three doing better then usual, what gives?

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