Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stupid Musings: 9/11 Edition

What if the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York taken place on another day? Right now, 9/11 (or, for some, 9-1-1 like the emergency number) is shorthand for that attack. I suppose if it had happened on most other days, that day would be used in a way similar to how we use 9/11. 3/13 or 8/2 or some such would work just as well. But what if Osama’s henchmen (I love that word) struck on a day that was already designated, like the Fourth of July or Christmas? Would be referring to the attack as the events of 7/4 or 12/25? Probably not. I suspect we would be using names like “The Fourth of July Attack” or “The Christmas Attack”. Those aren’t the 9/11 kind of shorthand but I bet the terminology used would be more than the date.

Like I said, stupid musings.

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