Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Beer Blogging: Butt Edition

This beer is just asking to be made fun of: Hey dude, your beer tastes like ass!

Welcome to Entire Butt beer. Drink enough and it'll be responsible for your entire GUT as well.

Actually there is a reasonable explanation behind this beer's name:
The name...comes from a traditional term used to describe a porter blended from several ales - this version uses no less than 14 different malts!
There you go, Entire Butt = The Full Monty.

It's obviously a very dark beer, but what's it like?
It [has] a thinnish, short-lived head, and is malty on the nose with a faint treacley, chocolatey hint. On the palate it is rich and smoky, smooth yet cloying, with an exceptionally complex malt character (as you might expect) composed chiefly of lots of caramel, treacley bitternes and powdery chocolate flavours, with little or no sweetness. However, there are also some light, citrusy lemon notes, probably deriving from the hops (Styrians, Goldings and Fuggles?) that can be felt on the back of the throat. Aftertaste is malty and quite bitter, with a little dark chocolate. While trying not to overuse the word 'malty', this is a very fine porter - complex, enjoyable and surprisingly drinkable.
Entire Butt is brewed in the U.K. by Salopian Brewing Co.

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