Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Apostrophe Post

My wife has a number of pet peeves, many of which I regularly indulge in.  However, one I don’t (usually) get in trouble for is misusing apostrophes.  That’s right, it irritates her to no end when she sees a misplaced apostrophe.  With that in mind, I was glad to see she has a soul mate in Arianna Huffington who writes this blog-screed in defense of proper use of the lowly apostrophe.

I just printed a copy of Arianna’s (note proper use of apostrophe) post so Mrs. TEH can know she is not alone.  Why print it instead of sending her a link?  Heh heh, she accidentally blew up her PC today.  More precisely, she corrupted her operating system in an ill-timed power strip mishap.  She’s (another proper use of the apostrophe) in cyber pain.  So, I have to provide her a hard copy of Arianna’s  (I did it right again!) sympathetic grammar view.  You, on the other hand, can simply click on the link.

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