Monday, December 12, 2005

Vu-pid Ads

Look, in the past I’ve been supportive of Déjà Vu’s fight against the City of Springfield’s attempts at zoning the strip club away. The “gentleman’s club” poses no threat to anyone and has every right to exist. However, the Déjà Vu folks haven’t been doing themselves any favors with their local advertising.

Their radio and TV ads in particular are, at best, tacky and I think probably a bit offensive to many. Often filled with lame double entendres, you can almost hear Bevis and Butthead giggling in the background. The ads usually just sound out of place. I’m not offended but I still cringe at how bad the ads are.

Last night watching TV, I may have seen the worst yet. The commercial was suggesting that the boss ought to think about having the company Christmas party at the Vu! Wow, what a swell idea. Of course, you better not have ANY female employees unless you enjoy lawsuits. I’m not sure what companies the ad was supposed to be appealing to as there aren’t a whole lot of male-only businesses anymore. Maybe a sole proprietor construction company or something. I was laughing at the thought of Horace Mann or St. John’s having its party there.

I really think the Vu could improve its image a bit by going a different direction with their advertising. As it is, I think the club is not building the good will it may need the next time the City tries to force it out.

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