Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Illinois Politics as Usual

God bless Rich Miller and others who actively, enthusiastically, even obsessively, blog about Illinois politics.  They make something I can otherwise hardly stand (or understand) palatable.  

Here’s a good summary of why I feel that way.  I know, a lot of you think this is the very reason it’s interesting.  To me it’s the same bad movie over and over again.  At least the blogs s bring it to life somewhat.

Here’s another example:  Raymond Poe is now probably going to drop out of the Lt. Governor’s race.  Well, duh.  Who in the world (besides Poe) thought that was going anywhere anyway?

By the way, I can vouch for Poe’s imminent leave from seeking higher office.  As I wrote in the comment’s at AbeLog:  This past weekend, a Republican operative in my neighborhood was collecting signatures for Poe's run for his current seat [in the Illinois House].  It was on orders, he wasn't freelancing.  The guy told me they needed to hurry and get the signatures so Poe could still appear on the ballot.  It sounded like a done deal to me.

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