Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weather’s a Bitch and Then It Snows

When I left the house this morning the temperature on my back patio was 0.9 degrees (digital thermometer). It’s early December not early January. Normally, we get a last gasp of Indian Summer during this week where temperatures will briefly near or even top 60 degrees. Not this year – right into the freezer. Record low temperatures have been recorded this week in the area and in Northern Illinois although I don’t think Springfield has broken any records yet. With natural gas prices up over 50%, the cold isn’t good news.

Now, to go along with the icy temperatures we have measurable snow on the way for tomorrow; 2-4 inches in the latest National Weather Service forecast. Most years we don’t see any of the white stuff until at least Christmas (see, I said the “C” word, Bill). And we’ve already had a couple of light snow/dustings.

Let’s hope this moderates and soon.


Russ said...

The first "White Stuff" reference of the year! Wait until tomorrow though...every morning show DJ and call-in meteorologist is required by law to say "The White Stuff" at least 70 times on the first big snow day of the year. And of course, Storm Team 20 will be posted in every corner of Sangamon County to confirm the existence of snow...even in exotic places like New Berlin and Sherman.

I love this time of year.

Dave said...

OK, from now on it's stricty "a frozen precipitation event".

Russ said...

That's a winner!

You know Gus reads this, so expect 'frozen precipitation event' to become the new 'white stuff'.

Anonymous said...

Remember back in 1989 when we had one of the worst decembers on record for snow and extreme cold? We had one morning after a 6 inch snow the temp plunged to a balmy -20 with a wind chill of -80. Then in January it warmed up and the rest of the winter was mild with very little precip.

Bring on the snow and cold. We need the precip and the cold will kill some germs hanging around along with some of the critters.

Russ said...

Now that we officially have the first big snow of the year, which newbie reporter will StormTeam20 put on the I-55 overpass to tell us the roads are slick? My bet is Sara Wojcicki.