Monday, December 05, 2005

CrackBerry Whores

Neil the Ethical Werewolf, posting on Ezra Klein’s blog, quotes but does not link to (I found a link here) a story in the New York Times on “internet addiction”. In that story, we find out a Peoria hospital has a treatment program for those affected by this online disorder.

There is at least one inpatient program, at Proctor Hospital in Peoria, Ill., which admits patients to recover from obsessive computer use. Experts there said they see similar signs of withdrawal in those patients as in alcoholics or drug addicts, including profuse sweating, severe anxiety and paranoid symptoms. And the prevalence of other technologies - like BlackBerry wireless e-mail devices, sometimes called CrackBerries because they are considered so addictive; the Treo cellphone-organizer ; and text messaging - has created a more generalized technology addiction, said Rick Zehr, the vice president of addiction and behavioral services at Proctor Hospital.
I thought I’d risk it and use the highly addictive internet to see if there was more information on this program but all I found was this bit on the Proctor Hospital web site:
The Extended Care program is located at IIAR at Proctor Hospital and BroMenn
Regional Medical Center in Bloomington. It is designed to accommodate individuals 18 and older and who need a setting that provides more time and structure to deal with problems associated with addictive behaviors such as chemicals, gambling, food, sex, spending, or the Internet. The extended length of stay can assist with entrenched denial, chronic relapse, and other complicated issues such as chronic pain or multiple diagnosis.
It doesn’t look like Proctor is promoting its program too heavily. However, a Google search does show a lot of (usually passing) references to the program in other sources. Well, if this blogging things get too out of hand its good to know help is just down the road.

Say, you don’t think that’s where DownLeft went, do you? Maybe Mike Wilson was given an ultimatum by WMAY: go to internet rehab or be fired and he just couldn’t shake the monkey on his back.

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