Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SJ-R Editorial: Online First to Meet a Need

Using the internet to maximum effect, The Springfield State Journal-Register has published an online editorial today before tonight’s critical smoking ban vote by the Springfield City Council. Aside from the paper’s position on the issue (for a comprehensive ban), the real news here is that the paper is publishing this editorial online FIRST. It even comes with a new Chris Britt cartoon. Cake to the SJ-R!

Obviously, time constraints had a lot to do with this decision but the fact that the newspaper embraced the power of the internet to be a timely voice in the community is commendable at a time when many print news organization resist or even openly attempt to diminish the credibility of the internet.

As for the editorial, I’ll make you go read it here. It makes some excellent points while reeming Ald. Frank Edwards a new one in the process.

(Note, the links to the editorial take you to the Breaking News section which is only good for the day at the SJ-R site)

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