Monday, December 05, 2005

Crazy Brothers

Bill Clinton had Roger and Jimmy Carter had Billy, now George W. Bush has brother Neil. Or does he? This Talking Points Memo Café post asks why Billy Carter’s wacky exploits were big news in their day while things like this go unnoticed:
John Gorenfeld at Alternet reports that the president's kid brother Neil has been traveling through Asia in the company of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah and sole proprietor of the loyal Republican Washington Times, promoting (ready for this?) a $200 billion "Peace King Tunnel"--51 underwater miles joining Alaska to Russia, perhaps to enable brother George to look more closely into the soul of Vladimir Putin. Gorenfeld adds: "While Neil Bush and Moon's church couldn't be reached for comment on the tunnel or his speaking fees, a brochure from Moon's Family Federation underscores that the project is 'God's fervent desire.'"
My theory is that George is the wacky brother. Nutty tunnels under the Pacific are nothing compared to The Great Iraq Adventure, Social Security demolition, etc. And that doesn’t even consider Administration goof-balls like Donald “They Aren’t to be Called Insurgents” Rumsfeld and Dick “Death Throes” Cheney. No, there are far too many Twilight-Zone-music-inducing characters with press secretaries to have to go chasing down wayward presidential siblings.

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