Monday, December 19, 2005

The Un-Contest

From Daily Kos:
A few weeks ago, Illinois had a looming deadline and several unchallenged Congressional Republicans. That deadline has passed, and just one Republican in Illinois lacks a Democratic challenger (Ray LaHood in IL18).
So I have no serious options this November (I live in Lahood’s district)? C’mon can’t someone run against Ray-baby? I consider LaHood a LOR (Least Objectionable Republican) but can’t some Dem give him a run for his money. A good campaign battle at least requires politicians to commit to positions and explain themselves to some degree. And I don’t know what the polls say but LaHood is not so insurmountably popular that he can’t be touched politically.

This is probably bad political strategy but I think the major parties should have a fund that would at least provide seed money to guarantee a candidate in every Congressional district. Maybe it should even be law. Ha, good luck getting incumbents to vote that on to the books.

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Anonymous said...

Check out BrianG 's work at, and Illinibeatle's comments at Daily Kos for some of LaHood's lesser known stances.