Thursday, December 01, 2005

Southern Stories

This is for former Salukis only. A couple of stories this week of interest to SIUC alum:

The city of Carbondale is going to be annexing the SIU campus effective the first of the year. While sitting right next to the city, the campus has not been part of the city in the past. SIU will get city fire protection and a cost reduction in water services while the city gets some additional sales tax revenue and the ability to annex land beyond the campus.

The SIU campus student health services facility is moving from Greek row to a new building (a healthplex!) near the Rec Center. I wish this had happened 25 years ago when I was there. The old heath services building was on the far southwestern corner of campus. I either lived on east campus or off-campus, north and east of the school. I also had no car. So, when I was sick enough to need to go the doctor, I had to hall my sickly ass all the way over to the farthest away place on campus. This more central location will be good for students who, like me back in the day, have limited transportation options. That is unless you live on Greek row, in which case I have no sympathy anyway.

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