Monday, December 05, 2005

Man in the Bunker Interviews

I missed the first part of last Friday night’s Nightline so I didn’t see the set-up. Uggabugga fills us in:
On Friday, ABC's Nightline was billed as a Big Event. A discussion in Iraq with Iraqis about the state of affairs. I certainly sounded promising, but hope quickly shifted to dismay.

Host Terry Moran started out by saying that they could only have the discussion in the Green Zone, and then showed video of the zone from two years earlier - while saying that the situation had deteriorated since then. Also, the television set-up was in a bunker, reinforced with blast walls. Several invited guests were unable to get into the Green Zone. U.S. civilian and military were invited, but declined to participate.
Well, I think that should put to rest any doubts those traitorous neysayers have about the war. The rest of Ugga’s post has more on the once great news show’s crummy showing Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the entire show but I had a much better impression of what I saw. There were Iraqis expressing honest views that I normally only expect to see in the alternative media. I can't remember another example in the corporate media when someone actually said that the presence of US troops were a principle source of instability. Sure, they didn't give us all the ugly truth, but it was much better than what I'm used to seeing in the corporate media, which still sounds like government propaganda most of the time. I was surprised.