Friday, December 23, 2005

Supplemental Beer Blogging: CSI Edition

So, Springfield’s stabbing murder this week was over a can beer. Shitty beer at that. From today’s SJ-R*:

A can of beer led to the fight that resulted in the fatal stabbing of a Springfield man, prosecutors said Thursday.

Patricia A. Gibson, 44, who is accused of stabbing her longtime boyfriend at their apartment Tuesday night, was charged Thursday with two counts of first-degree


Robert L. Porter, 54, died at Memorial Medical Center at 12:40 a.m. Wednesday, about an hour after he allegedly was stabbed by Gibson in their apartment at 3203 S. Sixth St.

First assistant state's attorney Steve Weinhoeft, in asking that Gibson's $1 million bond be maintained, said Gibson stabbed Porter in the upper chest with a steak knife during an argument over a can of Natural Light beer.

First of all, I think it’s funny the paper identified the brand of the beer. The story doesn’t say if the argument that led to the stabbing was over who had to drink the crappy beer and who got the better one (say, a PBR). Because you’d have to stab me to get me to drink a Natural Light.

Either way, I hope Ms. Gibson, if found guilty, is put away in the big Department of Corrections beer fridge for a long time. What a senseless act over nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Very good, and long overdue disclaimer.

Newspapers are very suspect entities indeed. Mainly because all the big ones are owned by wealthy families, or major media corporations, either of which I would distrust with that level of power.


Anonymous said...

Does no one find it ironic the victim of the light beer incident is named Porter. Light beer will always triumph over the dark.

JeromeProphet said...

Light over dark?
One my most beloved, and yes I mean beloved experiences was swigging down a very dark beer - actually several - which was a homebrew made by a college buddy - a chemist, and homebrewer.

This beer was beyond any I had ever drank up to that point, or since.

He used molases to impart a unique flavor to the beer, and the beer looked as dark as coca cola.

Each taste was similar to eating. It was liquid bread as many brewers like to think of beer.

I've had other dark beers which due to their bitter flavor were just too overwhelming for my american taste, but I love many dark beers better than any pale beers.

Just because you have one bad experience with a dark brew doesn't mean you should give up on them.

Try letting them warm up a bit in your hands before drinking them. Some are meant to give off a sweet flavor that counters their bitter, but can only do so as they warm up.

Or try drinking them with a meal. Many hearty dark beers go better with food. Their more complex flavor brings out the tast in food, while the food also softens the bitter many darker beers are known for.

If slamming back cold light beers is you cup of tea - well, there's really not much reason to even try a dark beer - but if you really like beer keep an open mind, and try again.


Anonymous said...

I just busted a gut over the disclaimer. I love it!