Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Price is Wrong

Things that cost way more than they should:

1. Laundry detergent
2. Breakfast cereal
3. Printer cartridges
4. Prescription drugs
5. Music CDs
6. Anything associated with a wedding or a funeral

Update: 7. Greeting Cards


Anonymous said...

I would agree with you and add a gallon of milk and gas.

Anonymous said...

1. Razor blade cartridges
2. Monster A/V cables
3. Starbucks coffee
4. iPod accessories
5. Healthy foods

Anonymous said...

Printer cartridges cost way more than they should, but I suspect that printers themselves cost way less than they should, precisely so you'll be induced to purchase a specific brand and thereafter have to buy the overpriced cartridges that are specially made for it.

I suspect that the only solution to this is standardization. Until that halcyon day, some of the big office supply stores offer cheaper house brand cartridges compatible with most printers.

Anonymous Communist said...

Right on, man. I would add Internet service to that list.

Anonymous said...

Sears perfected this marking tool years ago. Tools themselves are dirt cheap but the saw blades, sander belts, etc are ridiculous. Charge more for the parts you have to replace. It's the way to a fortune. I get my printer cartridges at Staples. They are $5 cheaper than HP and they will give you a $3.00 rebate if you bring in the old cartridge, no matter what brand.