Friday, June 03, 2005

Sister Blog

The Eleventh Hour is now part of a sister blog exchange program. Or something.

I was contacted by one of the guys at the multi-contributor blog File It Under. They have a "Sister Blog" thing going on where they, a politically right-leaning blog, link to a left-leaning blog. Sort of a cyber-detente experiment. I agreed to participate in the name of world peace and harmony. I'll be adding them to my blogroll shortly.

Now, I haven't fully explored File It Under but they seem to reasonable even if totally wrong on the issues. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping it doesn't open the door to all kinds of flame wars in the comments here. I certainly don't mind contrary opinions but I hate to be goaded into nasty arguments. Anything that gets too ugly or compares me to parts of the human anatomy will be subject the nuclear (delete button) option.

To any vistors from File It Under, I say welcome. I know a lot of what I do here is local to the Springfield, Illinois area but there are national issues (like beer blogging) that I also address.

Anyway, the rest of you link on over to File It Under and say hi from Left Blogistan.


Anonymous said...

Just visited your "evil sister" site.
Do you have any Pepto Bismo?


Dave said...

Now don't YOU start Mr. Terrestrial.

Rob B. said...

On behalf of the evil sister site, this should be a fun time. While we are of a differing mind set, we don't mind a good disagreement, we have much local blogging from Darius in Detroit and we goof off about as much as we are political.

Btw, we have a caption contest going right now, for our site's blog birthday. It might be a good litmus test for your FIU tolerance level, besides the winner is getting a gift card to Amazon.

Either way, we promise not to filabuster unless it's totally called for.

Hoodlumman said...

Dave, you've been formerly introduced.

We are righties but we don't take things toooo seriously in the big scheme of things. We also don't have the traffic to do the 'flame war' thing either.

All in good clean fun, I say. If anyone ever uses profane language and all ad hominem, chances are it won't be us and it'll be 'anonymous.'

And no bagging on Rob's spelling in debate. We do that enough on our blog.

Rob B. said...

Hey, I just like to give grammar nazi's plenty of ammo. I'm a nice guy like that.