Sunday, October 16, 2005

Abe-y You Can Drive My Car

I saw a car in town today with the license plate "ABE ABE". You just can't get enough of Abe in this city. Anyone got "ABEBABY" or "ABETOWN" or "GO ABE"? I think the city should subsidize anyone who gets a plate with ABE in it. C'mon, it's a great idea. Tourists will be entertained by the abundance of ABE plates and they will know we really take our Abeness seriously. I'm taking "ABE NUT" and "ABES HO" for me and the Mrs (we'll fight over who gets which later). Who else is in?

1 comment:

Mike Wilson said...

This is a fabulous idea, but I'll only get one if I can be "ABE 1" so I can represent Abe with a sought-after "low numbered" license plate.