Sunday, October 09, 2005

West Side Story

Its’ been true for a while but lately it’s become clear to me that the far west side of Springfield is now pretty much a community of its own now. I live in West Springfield™ and I can assure you, with the exception of going downtown for something a bit more eclectic, there is little reason to venture east of Chatham Road.

I grew up in the south central part of town near Blackhawk School but I almost never see that part of the city anymore. No need. The town of West Springfield™ has me covered. I live there, I work there and I shop there.

I don’t say that with any pride since West Springfield™ is devoid of any discernible personality. Treeless subdivisions flow into chain-store-filled strip malls and box stores. It’s often bland, mostly sterile, sometimes convenient and above all -safe!

But, hey, it’s home and only a short drive from Eastside™, Northenderland™ MacArthurton™ and Leland Grove. Did I forget anyone?


JeromeProphet said...

As bland.
As White.
As Sterile.
As an unused Kotex.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I grew up on the West Side (directly West of Veteran's) and now I live directly East of MacArthur near Blackhawk school.

I don't find there is any more 'personality' where I live now then where I lived while growing up. As a kid, instead of riding to Pease's for candy, I rode to Huck's on Durkin Drive (Taco Trio now). Instead of going to Spillway Lanes for bowling, we went to Strike and Spare West.

We have the same culture but in a younger state of existence. Personally I find the stagnation of the other areas of town pretty sad.