Monday, October 17, 2005

Catie Sheehan Post for Catie Searches

I get a lot of hits on this site from people searching for WCFN newsperson Catie Sheehan through MSN Search. They get this post of mine from long ago. So to please Catie fans I have this new post. I have stolen the same Catie picture DownLeft used in this post of his. Let the Catie-fest begin:

So as to attract the maximum number of hits from Catie searches, I offer these items: Catie Sheehan WCFN, Catie Sheehan WCIA, Catie Sheehan Springfield, Catie Sheehan News Babe, Catie Sheehan Naked, Catie Sheehan Gone Wild, Catie Sheehan Missile Defense System, Catie Sheehan Mail Order Bride, What Happens With Catie Sheehan in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas, Catie Sheehan and Donald Trump, Catie Sheehan NASCAR, Catie Sheehan Jet Packs (that one for Jerome Prophet), Catie Sheehan Don Hickman Comparisons, Catie Sheehan Jagermiester, Catie Sheehan Picture on Wyoming Quarter, Catie Sheehan Lens Crafters, Catie Sheehan Abraham Lincoln Was Gay.


drone1047 said...

Catie Sheehan...or Tina Fey? You be the judge. Its all sexy to me.

DownLeft said...

I saw her filming a report downtown last week...dreamy. :)

I don't want to demean the high quality professionalism of her work at all, but...I wonder how she's dealing with her status as Springfield's new sex symbol for blog nerds.

Anonymous said...

that catie sheehan is one fine looking woman, professional, cute, artistic, very up beat, great smile. really you have to admire someone with as much creative talent as she has. also some insider information you have got to give her credit, as a one-woman band she gets the job done, and re invents the wheel while getting the job done. catie if you ever read this, it is the guy who speaks spainsh in your IFB.