Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Want My Fuse TV

I happened to catch a particularly well done music-video-with-a-message last night. (I like to catch Fuse TV’s Number 1 Countdown once or twice a week to catch up on the latest and greatest.)

Simple Plan’s video for their song “Untitled” features an auto accident caused by a kid who has been drinking. Yes, we all know drinking and driving is bad, stupid, dangerous, deadly, blah, blah, blah. But this video takes it further; it dramatically and cleverly displays the impact of the crash on the victim’s family.

Before I say any more, watch the video here.

The shots of the family members being thrown about their house at the moment of the accident I think is very effective. Maybe this has been before but I haven’t seen it.

However, there’s no reason to limit this to just a DUI accident. You could plug that same impact at home into any major accident. In fact, the impact on everyone is the same even if the kid was just going too fast (and not drinking) or goofing off and not paying attention (and not drinking). Drunk driving deserves a lot of attention but even accidents not related to alcohol are often preventable and when they do happen, have deadly results.

There are plenty of alternatives to the beginning of the video. How about someone getting the news they have terminal cancer. Or having the impact not be between two cars but between a bullet and a young soldier’s neck. The impact at home is all he same.

Still, big ups to the makers of this video. I think they convey a very effective cautionary tale set to music.

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