Thursday, October 27, 2005

Underrated ER

Marie at Disarranging Mine has a post about tonight’s (repeat) episode of ER. It had her in tears.

I started to watch the show tonight but begged off after I saw it was a repeat I had already seen. However, it was a very powerful episode. Here’s what I wrote in Marie’s comment section:
I saw that show when it originally aired last season. It was an amazing performance by Ray Liota. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again tonight however. Too painful.

While we see his life as tragic at its end, we also are forced to examine our own life choices.

ER can often fall into the primetime soap opera mode but it also occasionally has some really excellent drama.

The show’s treatment last season (or the season before) on the realities of African civil wars and the AIDS epidemic there were more informative and revealing than a hundred 60-second cable news segments.
There are tons and tons of crap on primetime network television and I’ll be the first to admit ER has its share. But I’ve always been impressed with that show’s ability, when it tries, to very effectively present thought-provoking stories. It often also takes on political issues and brings them home in ways no documentary could.

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Anonymous said...

I have no regrets.

Well, actually the episode had me in tears.

I guess in a way I was still recovering from having run over a squirrel that morning.


And no I wasn't on my way to work - I had been hunting for hours, and finally found a slow one.