Friday, October 28, 2005

Baseball "Riot" at Southern

From the Southeren Illinoisian:
CARBONDALE - As Carbondale Police Chief Steve Odum described it "about 300 people ended up taking a walk" through the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus and parts of Carbondale Wednesday night.

Incidentally, most of them were Chicago White Sox fans.

Sue Davis, director of Media and Communications Resources at SIUC, said a group of about 50 students grew to about 100, then swelled to what campus police estimate at between 300 and 400 individuals, many of them students.


She said 14 light poles were knocked down across campus and a Pepsi machine near the parking garage was overturned. Two motorcycles at Thompson Pointe were knocked over - Davis said whether it happened by accident or on purpose has not
been determined. The fuel tank on one of them was punctured. Carbondale fire fighters used a chemical to clean the resulting gasoline spill.

The fire fighters were also called to handle a small grass fire caused by an arcing 9-1-1 safety light pole that had been pushed over.

A group of students intent on pushing over the goal posts at McAndrew Stadium were thwarted by a police line. A group of about 100 people headed toward Charlotte West Stadium softball field. Davis said one student was Maced and arrested when he climbed the fence to the stadium.
I hate Illinois baseball riots.

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