Friday, October 14, 2005

Music by Osmosis

Jim over at AbeLog, in his weekly Friday Beatle Blogging post today says his kids are have developed an interest in Beatles music from him:

Here's a great gift idea for the kids this Christmas: a new book that tries to help
teenagers understand why the Lads from Liverpool were, and are, such a cultural
watershed. "A Teenager's Guide to the Beatles" explains not only the music, but
also the controversies and social innovations the Fab Four created.

I'm blessed to have two children who, by osmosis, have already developed an appreciation for the Beatles. If you are not so lucky, this may be your opportunity.

I’m pleased to hear this is possible even though I’m already familiar with the phenomenon. Former TEH college roommate and all around good guy SG has a daughter, Claire, with a developed interest in the loveable mop-tops from Liverpool. That interest came straight from her dad, a lifelong Beatles fan.

Claire is also now has a blog called brianwashed. In fact, her latest post is Beatles-related. She just scored Paul McCartney tickets and seems pretty pleased about it. Brainwashed is a smart and fun without the typical gossipy “oh-my-god” valley girl-esque stuff you get from the usual teen girl blog. Go check it out and say hi.

This all gives me hope I might be able to influence my son, now only two, in a similar way. This is all kind of a foreign concept to me since I’m of the generation that had absolutely nothing in common with their parents in regards to pop music. That’s too bad but, thanks to the musical revolutions of the 1960s, I think that’s not as much of a problem anymore. And I think that’s kind of neat.

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Anonymous said...

mY Daughter would never knowingly allow herself to listen to a Beatles tune. If so it would only be because she'd tolerate it just long enough to appease me - and then it's back to her generation's music.

The Beatles are old Dad.

I figure she'll be in that phase for maybe the next five to ten years. If I keep my mouth shut maybe she'll discover them, and like them.

It's funny that she liked them when she was little.