Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Radio Free Blogger

The hour on I spent on The Mike Wilson Show this evening went pretty well, I think. The panel consisted of host Mike Wilson, American Patriot Legion’s Bill Lewis, AbeLog’s Jim Leach and myself. It seemed we hardly touched on the all the subjects surrounding blogs. And here I was wondering if there would be enough to talk about to fill an hour. After it was over, I felt I still had way more to say.

I wasn’t able to work in a plug for Look Back Springfield or properly compliment many of the excellent bloggers here in Springfield. For example, photo-blogs Jerome Prophet and Disarranging Mine are worthy of an hour unto themselves.

Many thanks to the other bloggers on the panel for their compliments on my blog. I’m not worthy! Really.

One point of clarification. Mike asked the panel what made us feel our blogs were a success. That is, at what point did we feel satisfied with our blogs. I started out by saying something about quantity mattering to me. That came out wrong. Rather than quantity per se, I simply meant I like to have enough posts to have a covered a variety of ideas or news items or otherwise interesting or humorous things. Having a lot of posts covering a lot of ground is gratifying to me.

One other follow-up on blogging in general. Blogging is getting some pretty good coverage in the mainstream media (MSM) because people working in the MSM are exactly the kind of people who would enjoy blogs. That is, to one degree or another, they are information junkies. I love blogs. I read many. I’m an info-junkie. My wife doesn’t like blogs all that much. She’s not an info-junkie. Info-junkies make up only a small percentage of the population. We’re not normal.

To me, this indicates that while blogs will have a continued influence on, and continue to blend into, the MSM, I don’t see blogs ever becoming a major source of information for a large percentage of the population. Radio, television and even some print media require less effort for those who bother at all to try to figure out the world around them.

But I could be wrong.

Thanks to Mike Wilson for having me on. It was nice to meet both Mike and Bill Lewis. We had some good conversation on and off the air. Also a big thanks to Jim Leach for joining in by phone.


Anonymous said...

I heard most of the hour. You did really good.

One thing I'd like to get out there, and I fully intend to blog about this, is the role blogs can play in the event of a local emergency. Providing bloggers can get on line, blogs would be the most comprehensive, and most honest, and main source of information for the rest of the world. As we saw with Katrina, the Interdictor, and a few others, topped MSM by far.

P.S. You're smart.

Mike Wilson said...

Thanks for the kind words, and for being on the program. Keep up the great blog.

JeromeProphet said...


Thanks for the invite, and too bad I couldn't make the show. Maybe next time?

Dave is always generous, and supportive in his comments in regard to my photoblog.

As you already know Dave was a radio news producer, and radio personality himself for many years - and therefore a charming fella :) like yourself.

There are aproximately eighty thousand blogs started each day, the vast majority will be posted to only a few times, but there will no doubt be millions of blogs created, and regularly posted to by bloggers throughout the world. Blogging in one form, or another is here to stay.

How will blogging impact Main Stream Media? As Dave suggest, it's hard to know for certain, but blogging is in its infancy, and I suspect it will only grow in importance.

There will be blogs that will be online diaries, but there will also be blogs which will constitute online magazines. We're seing this already.

I like to believe that the competition from blogs will drive Main Stream media to achieve greater heights. Time will only tell.


Anonymous said...

It was good to hear you live on the radio. I love listening to you and hearing your opinions. You research subject matters before expressing your opinion so it's apparent that you are well-informed and not just ranting - usually. You care about what you write and it shows. Keep up the good work.

- Mrs. TEH

Oh yes, did I mention that you have THE SEXIEST VOICE ever? Yum yum! I was melting through the whole show...