Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Questions Best Not Asked?

Ogged over at Unfogged has a philosophical moment:
How many millions of people's gifts go unknown, and die with them? How many
know their gift, but are never able to use it, because they were born in the
wrong place, or at the wrong time, to the wrong parents, etc.? Am I doing what I
ought to be doing?

Such a horrible feeling of waste; wasted time, wasted talents, wasted
lives, even. Aw hell, best not to think about this too much. How are things at
your office this morning?

It's a good set of questions. Do I have a talent I'm completely unaware of? For instance, I've never once taken up a musical instrument. Would I be good if I had? I like music. I admire musicians.

I wonder about the chicken and egg thing here too. If I have no interest in something without having tried it, can I automatically assume that attitude will prevent me from being really good at it? Or does the very act of trying something spark an interest that wasn't there before unmasking a hidden talent? I think cases can be made for both ideas.

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