Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad News/Good News

OK, natural gas prices are going up -way up- this winter. That's the bad news.

I just watched a gentleman from NOAA on C-SPAN, recorded earlier today, who presented NOAA's estimation that winter here (in Central Illinois) is going to be warmer than "normal" (which is really "average" but whatever). That's the good news.

Much higher heating costs coupled with a cold winter would be a great hardship. Higher prices with a slightly warmer than average winter is better news.

Now all I have to worry about is the Avian Flu devastating humanity and high gasoline prices wrecking the economy. I feel slightly less doomed.

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JeromeProphet said...

I love the BP commercial in which a foolishly trusting man is suggesting that the big execs in the Petroleum industry are thinking ahead to look out for themselves, and I guess the nation.

Yes, we don't have to worry as gasoline prices sail into orbit, because there's natural gas!

Who believes that crap?

We need alternatives, and fast!

And there are many available to average consumers if we had the incentives to use them.

But as long as the government is owned by big oil we won't see any serious attempt to transition away from total dependence upon fossil fuels.