Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another Springfield Blogger Makes Something of Himself

On the heels of Jerome Prophet and his photos being picked up by the Illinois Times, we have the talented Dan Naumovich (BlogFreeSpringfield) being picked up by the State Journal-Register. This appeared in Sunday’s paper.

I’ve long thought Dan’s posts at BlogFreeSpringfield were, post for post, the best in town. Posting only one or two items a week, Dan’s BFS values quality over quantity. Bottom line: he’s a good writer and the SJ-R recognized it. Good for them, good for Dan and good for Springfield.

It’s kind of cool how this blogging thing has facilitated the exposure of previously undiscovered talent. JP for his photography and Dan for his writing. Congratulations guys.

Now if there was just a market for good beer blogging…

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BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Thanks Dave. I still think that Friday Beer Blogging is going to catapult you into the big time. It never fails to entertain and inform. Just keep your independent spirit and don't sell out to A-B or Coors.