Thursday, June 29, 2006

Speaking of Bans...

I have to disagree with this one -sort of:
CHICAGO -- An alderman is pushing for an ordinance that would prevent the city's
restaurants from cooking with oils that contain artificial trans fatty acids, which contribute to heart disease.

"Chicago has the opportunity to take a bold step and protect its citizens from the ravages of unhealthy trans fats by banning their use in restaurants," Alderman Edward M. Burke said Wednesday in a statement about an ordinance he is proposing. "The end result could well be longer, healthier lives and reduced health costs for many Chicagoans."
Actually, I’ve called for the total ban of the bad trans fats (there are alternatives) but I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Short of the FDA banning the stuff, I would prefer that there be a requirement that trans fat info be put on all food labels (which I think is already going to happen) AND it be required that restaurants make it known if they use trans fats. The restaurants could make blanket statement that they don’t use trans fats at all or they could indicate which specific items on their menus do.

I’d like to see them gone altogether, but short of that at least let us know the stuff is in our food.

Eric Zorn thinks the information alone will make trans fats all but disappear from restaurants.

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