Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Post-Graduate

Oh great. They just can’t leave well-enough alone –ever. I just saw this item about plans for a (book) sequal to The Graduate.
Elusive writer Charles Webb said Wednesday he has signed a publishing deal for a sequel to his 1963 novel "The Graduate," which introduced the memorable love triangle of twentysomething Benjamin Braddock, his sweetheart Elaine and her seductive mother, Mrs. Robinson.

The 1967 film adaptation made a star of Dustin Hoffman and created a screen icon in Anne Bancroft's Mrs. Robinson.

Decades on, Webb is ready to reveal the characters' fate.

"It was quite a while till I could figure out what they did next," he said.

"Home School" picks up the lives of Braddock and Elaine about 10 years on, living in upstate New York with their two children and trying to keep Mrs. Robinson at bay.
OK, let me say here that I didn’t even know one of my all-time favorite movies was a novel before a film. And for now, plans appear to be just for a book but can the film sequel be far behind? Oh, I hope not.

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