Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking the Fight Up River

The Southern Illinois Deer Insurgency is spreading –to Ohio:

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS -- It is one of those stories you would not believe unless we showed you.
A local woman came face to face with a deer in her own home Wednesday.

She says she was watching TV when she went to let her dog out and ended up much to close for comfort to wildlife.

"She started trampling me, she wanted me dead," Mary Blake said.

Blake, your typical grandma, was in a fight for her life just inside her door.

"When you are sitting in your family room watching TV, let the dog out you don't expect to get stampeded," Blake said. "I tried to shut the door. She sprung the door and knocked me into the wood basket."

Just as the deer was running into her house, Blake got a glimpse of the fawn the doe was trying to protect.

She was cut and bleeding and the deer wasn't done. It was an attack that left Blake with 27 stitches and plenty of bruises.

"I punched her in the nose and karate chopped her," Blake said. "I kicked her."

That's when Buddy came to the rescue and distracted the deer.

"So she turned around and I got up, grabbed the phone and I ran for the front door," Blake said.


Police managed to chase it out and Blake will never forget it but this one won't be dear to her heart.

"It was trying to kill me, that's not Bambi you know," she said.

Yes, Bambi would have respected a well-placed karate chop.

It sounds like the deer is still on the loose. I suspect we haven’t heard the last of Not-Bambi.


Anonymous said...

Between the Beer & Bambi stories I'm not sure which I laugh at harder!

You're blog is turning into a laugh riot!


Anonymous said...

Between the Beer & Bambi stories, I'm not sure which ones I laugh at harder!

Your blog is turning into a laugh riot!


Note: corrected the "You're to Your".