Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Support The Troops!

Why do I not find this hard to believe?
When the Senate took $1.9 billion out of the war supplemental to fund border security last month, $1.6 billion came out of funds to replace equipment destroyed or worn out from four years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The money was diverted at the behest of the White House in a last-minute bid to address growing political unrest about illegal immigration. The Office of Management and Budget championed the change without input from the Army or the Marine Corps whose budgets were sliced, a Pentagon budget official told United Press International last week.
The proverbial robbing of Peter to pay Paul. Time to cut taxes for the rich once again!

Who's going to clean up all the messes this administration is making? The poor sap who wins in 2008 I suppose. Maybe a new (read: Democratic) Congress in 2006 can get things started, or at least stop the bleeding (literally and figuratively).

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