Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ha, ha. Punks really aren’t scary. But it is funny when they try.

It reminds me of the Goths that hang out at White Oaks Mall. Sorry, they aren’t freaking me out. They’re not even “unusual” per se since the goofy Goth look has been around for a couple of decades.

Kids these days are lazy! They’re not even putting in a real effort to come up with new things to horrify all the old farts over 25. Even the music doesn’t offend. Maybe it’s just that the kids of the 1960s ‘70s and ‘80s used up all the good (or bad) stuff.

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John said...

Being goth has become pretty similar to being any other sort of thing. One of my older friends had a son who was goth. One time she noticed this new piece of jewelry he was wearing. He paused, flipped his hair, and said, "Yeah, all us nonconformists are wearing them now."

When you start to identify yourself as a nonconformist, you've conformed to something.