Friday, June 30, 2006


Be sure to tune in to Insight Cable’s Access 4 this evening at 8:30 to catch Springfield bloggers John and Micah (Just Two Guys) take to air for their second show. I think it’s tonight show they are going to determine who makes the best horseshoe in Springfield.

I missed their first show last week because I was headed out to the Hanger Party at the airport. I’m hoping to be free tonight to catch it (it’s hard scheduling TV time in the summer!).

Update: I did catch limited portions of the show. However, I was putting my son to bed which, because he's almost three, takes me about half an hour. The show was good, what I saw of it.

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John said...

Thanks for the plug, Dave. We actually just taped our second and third shows on Thursday night. They had to air our first show again this week because they couldn't get the edit done on the new shows. So, look for the horseshoe episode next Friday (the 7th) at 8:30 PM, and then the next Friday (the 14th), episode 3, featuring our interview with cartoonist Josh Halford. Shows 2 and 3 are so much better than 1 in my opinion, so please tune in.