Saturday, June 10, 2006

Who Put the Funk in Funk's Grove?

So, the Funk’s Grove rest area off of I-55 between Springfield and Bloomington has been designated the best rest area in the state.

Well, it is nice but the family and I laugh every time we pass it. You see, on a trip north while Mrs. TEH was pregnant with my son a few years ago, we had to make an emergency stop at the Funk’s Grove rest area. Morning sickness had gotten the better of her and she wound up loudly puking in the ladies room. She could be heard throughout the facility. Some say you can still hear the echoes of that episode reverberating off the walls.

Asked to comment today on the awarding of the rest stop’s new best-of status, Mrs. TEH would only say, “It wasn’t the best of anything for the people there that day”.

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