Monday, June 26, 2006

Odd, That

One of the stranger things I see happening on this blog is when someone comments on a post I did a long time ago. I don’t object to it but I wonder why they, the commenter, do it. Odds are no one is ever going to see it. The only reason I do is because Blogger sends me an e-mail copy of all comments posted.

For example, today someone posted a comment to this post from May of 2005 regarding D'Arcy's Pint. I guess it feels good to pitch in your two cents but it’s kind of a waste of time. Again, not that I mind. I don’t get a lot of comments as it is so far be it for me to complain.

Now, it’s possible I’m just a little off base here because other people may stumble upon the post the same way this commenter did, through a search engine. So in that sense posts can be sort of “timeless” I guess.

Oh well, go back to what you were doing.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Have you thought about updating your template to show comment dates and times, instead of just times?


Dave said...

Good idea, I just did it.