Monday, June 12, 2006

Springfield Blogoshpere: Alive & Well

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my blog roll. I’ve added three great local blogs; two of them fairly new while the other has been around for a while even if I didn’t know it.

Just two Guys and Unspelled I’ve mentioned before and, while relatively new to the way-kewl Springfield blogging scene, are both lots of fun.

I’m ThirtyWHAT? has been around longer than my blog but somehow completely missed my attention. And that’s too bad because Thirtywhat has a really, really well written blog.

Check out all three.


John said...

Dave-Thanks for the recognition and the kind words. I love the Springfield blogging community.

ThirtyWhat said...

I feel honored ... thanks for the link! I've already moved you from my "favorites" to my "blog roll" ... :)