Thursday, June 08, 2006

Supplemental Beer Blogging: Popularity Edition

Gad! College kids like their iPods more than beer. Silly kids.
SAN JOSE, California (AP) -- College life is not just about drinking beer.

In a rare instance, Apple Computer Inc.'s iconic iPod music player surpassed beer drinking as the most "in" thing among undergraduate college students, according to the latest biannual market research study by Ridgewood, New Jersey-based Student Monitor.


In the year-ago study, only 59 percent of students named the iPod as "in," putting
the gadget well below alcohol-related activities.

This year, drinking beer and, a social networking Web site, were tied for second most popular, with 71 percent of the students identifying them as "in."

The only other time beer was temporarily dethroned in the 18 years of the survey was in 1997 -- by the Internet, said Eric Weil, a managing partner at Student Monitor.
Think how popular my Beer Blogging would be with college kids if only this market research took it into account. I mean, it combines beer with the internet! I just know I’d be the most “in” thing on campus if only given the chance.

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