Sunday, June 04, 2006

Water Blogged

Does anyone ever lose their water?

I walked into our bathroom today and noticed an unopened bottle of water sitting on the sink. Thinking up some snarky explanation, I decided it was there in event someone got trapped in the bathroom they would at least have water. Then I looked at the sink and realized even that isn’t funny (or maybe it is even more so) because there is running water from the sink available.

Which got me thinking…

Does anyone really ever lose running water in these parts? Certainly not anywhere near as often as you might lose electricity or phone service or cable. In fact, I don’t ever remember not having tab water –ever.

OK, if your pipes freeze in the winter, you lose water service. Maybe, depending on what pipe freezes. And, yes, there is the occasional boil order but they mostly happen in Loami or some other small town and even then you can still shower in the stuff. Short of not paying your bill, I can’t think of a reason you would ever lose access to your tap water.

I’m not sure why I bring this up. Maybe to promote appreciation for something we all take for granted. Something that people in most third world countries and the recently “liberated” Iraq would kill for.

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