Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The 183rd is home. Good to have them back. Wish they’d been here this past weekend to liven up Air Rendezvous a bit, but that’s another post for later.

Speaking of the 183rd, here’s an interesting bit from the WTAX website:
Since the BRAC decision to move the 183rd Fighter Wing to Ft. Wayne Indiana, the
members of the 183rd aren't sure what to expect...but that's about to change.

Legislation crafted by US Senator Barack Obama requiring the Air Force to lay out its plans for realigning and moving bases passes through the US Senate Monday.

Obama says the measure should help relieve the uncertainty the 1100 of the 183 are feeling.
It literally takes an act of Congress to let these people know what there future holds? I know it’s the military and all that but this does affect a lot of people.

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