Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Deer Hunter

The SIU killer deer, at least one of them, has met her match:
CARBONDALE - Southern Illinois University Carbondale police and wildlife officials destroyed a deer Tuesday morning, after a campus police officer shot it Monday night trying to protect a pedestrian from attack.

Police report around 7 p.m. Monday an officer on patrol near the campus lake on Douglas Drive shot a female deer with his handgun, as the animal charged him, injuring his forearm. The officer came between a jogger and the deer, which officials reported was crossing the street and going after the jogger. As the officer told the pedestrian to back away, the deer attacked him, leading him to fire his weapon. The deer was wounded and ran back into the woods.

After consulting with university and state wildlife officials, police found the animal
early Tuesday morning and destroyed it.
Police say they later discovered the gun they thought the deer was carrying was really a water pistol.

And the story may not be over:
…SIUC Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory Director Eric Hellgren said killing the deer may solve the problem.

"If it is one deer that has been doing all this, that would mean the problem is gone," he said. "If it's multiple deer, we might continue to see these kinds of incidents."
Stay tuned. There may be more deer "sleeper cells".

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