Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Hitler Channel

When former presidential candidate Al Gore recently released his film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, it was universally derided by the conservative media. That’s no surprise but the level of vitriol was. On more than one occasion Gore has been compared to Hitler for making the movie. The childish conservative thinking went something like, Gore is lying – Hitler told lies – Gore = Hitler. Or something.

Of course Gore isn’t lying and the right wing in this country continues to ignore science ands facts and is in complete denial about global warming.

Aside from the fact that global warming is considered very real by nearly every scientist not on Big Oil’s payroll, conservatives continue to hold their ears and scream La-La-La-La-La. Or Hitler-Hitler-Hitler, in some cases.

Anyway, adding to the current the wingnuts continue to furiously paddle against is none other than The Weather Channel. Yes, The Weather Channel is officially taking a stand and is opening recognizing global warming as a problem; a problem made worse by the actions of man.

Now this will surely send Wingnutia into hysterics. Expect boycotts of TWC, denunciations of those liberal meteorologists and calls for retractions from The Hitler Channel. (TWC is lying – Hitler told lies – TWC =Hitler)

Better yet, expect a conservative weather channel to be launched by Rupert Murdoch or someone of his ilk and wealth. Perhaps the Fox Weather Channel. FWC could then:
Ignore global warming

Discontinue forecasts for the liberal elite coasts and only predict the weather for the “Heartland”

Identify areas of the world where the weather is now good enough to invade militarily

Do specials on how Iraqi’s are much happier with their weather now that they have been liberated

Issue warnings for places where the weather is conducive to having dirty hippie liberals burn the flag

Warn rich residents of areas experiencing extreme weather to take shelter lest they get killed and their estates be subjected to a “death tax”

Have Pat Robertson predict what sinful communities will be hit by natural disasters due to their evil ways
The Fox Weather Channel: I wonder what their slogan will be, perhaps Fair and Mild?


John said...

Love it. Great stuff here as usual.

Anonymous said...


Sadly, millions would watch, and then AM radio would be abuzz w/how NOAA should be dismantled - or filled with polical lackies to make certain only one voice of denial be heard on global warming - oh they're already doing that.