Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bring It On!

And speaking of litigation, the smoking lobby is taking Springfield to court over the city’s new smoking ban.

I can almost hear the talk radio whiners now, “See Jim, Bruce Stormtrooper and the fascists on the city council should never have passed this ordinance because now we have all this expensive litigation. And besides, it’s my RIGHT to blow smoke in other people’s faces!”


Anonymous said...

Taylorville has stated that they do not plan to do any banning of smoking in non-government public places. But what is interesting is a local establishment, Angelo's has prohibited smoking, "On behalf of the health of their employees."
Since then, they have not lost any business or customers that I can tell. They are as busy as ever. Things that make you go hmmmmm...

John said...

Research seems to support the fact that prohibiting smoking does not harm businesses. For some reason it seems to people that prohibiting smoking would hurt your business, but in reality it doesn't. I will tell you that if I'm in Taylorville anytime soon, I'm eating at Angelo's.