Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Heart Drinkin’ Fest

And so does ThirtyWhat. Or at least we heart the memories of the long defunct downtown festival optherwise known as Lincoln Fest. I tell you what, there’s a lot about the 1970s, ‘80s and early ‘90s I miss (my youth is one of them) and beer soaked fests featuring bands and food is somewhere near the top of that list. Don’t forget, Carbondale has also effectively killed the legendary Halloween bashes of yesteryear.

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ThirtyWhat said...

Hey there, thanks for the link back ... you rock!

Mr. ThirtyWhat agrees with you ... he thinks that I miss the "memory" of LincolnFest much more than the actual festival.

I don't know ... I'm sure, in retrospect, that I'm romanticizing (sic?) the experience. I graduated high school in 1987 ... so I was the perfect age to really enjoy spending hours listening to bad local bands and buying horribly overpriced food.

Maybe I'm just one of the few who genuinely didn't have any bad experiences there. Nobody spilled beer on me ... nobody puked on me (which I've been told was fairly common) ... hell, I don't even think I saw anybody flash their boobs (which I've been told was even more common.)

My basic premise is that the area of LincolnFest was not that large. I mean, common ... it's actually a pretty damned small footprint if you think about it. You can't tell me Springfield blue couldn't contain any mischief caused during a summer festival. It's not Woodstock for the love of God!

I'm over it for the moment ... it was just the shock of reading the headline, "Downtown Revives Tradition" that sent me over the edge.