Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Damn Good Question

I didn’t know this and it does concern me. Marie at Disarranging Mine is on the case:
The Great Western Railroad station is owned by the State Journal-Register

The Great Western was the station where Abraham Lincoln departed Springfield to take office as the President of the United States. It is the station where he gave his touching farewell address. It is the station to which he would never return.

The station, located at the Tenth Street tracks and Monroe Street, is owned by the State Journal-Register. The salaries of the U.S. Park Rangers who operate it are funded by the paper. The paper and its proprietors have done an excellent job of maintaining and keeping alive the memory of Springfield's smallest, but most important, passenger station.

What will become of this treasure when the newspaper is sold?
The SJ-R is in danger of being sold. I have to believe, though, that someone or some organization will step in if the new owners of the SJ-R, whoever they may be, aren’t interested in continuing the relationship. I mean, the train station has changed hands many times already and I can’t believe it would just be discarded at this point. I think it’s time a governmental organization, at either the state of federal level, take over the site once and for all.

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