Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Empties Edition

It’s sad to say, but at the end of every beer there lies an empty. Sometimes a lot of them.

And remember that guy in Utah that moved out of his apartment last year and left 70,000 Coors Light empties behind? Maybe he was intending to leave his damage deposit in recyclable aluminum.

Thing is, if you drink too much you may pass out and this can lead to mysterious assemblages of empties on or near your person. Watch out for that.

Even Fluffy can get in on this act.

Remember, give a hoot and don’t pollute – even if your already polluted.


Cal Skinner said...

Is that what happens when fluffy learns that she is going to have to pay a cat tax, as McHenry County Republicans are trying to impose?

Anonymous said...

That first picture of the guy sleeping is poltergeistian.