Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Toilet Factor

Making a water proof MP3 player is a fine idea and all, but shouldn’t we also be making cell phones water-proof? Not that you need to take your cell swimming (you probably wouldn’t hear it under water anyway) but it might save your phone when it gets too near the indoor plumbing. I’m talking specifically about dropping your phone in the toilet. Don’t tell me you or someone you know hasn’t already done this. Like a car after a bad accident, a cell phone pulled from the potty rarely works the same again, if at all.

Making the phone a water-proof system is one idea, but the other day I thought up another plan: little floatation devices. That’s right, when a cell phone senses it’s taking on water, a little yellow life raft will inflate keeping the device from going under and just maybe giving you enough time to retrieve it before it gets soaked.

And, hey, if you're ever stranded on a deserted island it could be used as a modern-day message in a bottle. Simply type in a memo requesting rescue and throw it into the ocean. The floatation device inflates and in about 35 years someone will find it washed up on a beach somewhere. Then all you have to hope for is they still make rechargers compatible with that phone. Brilliant!

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