Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Beer is Food Edition

Some 20+ years ago I worked with a guy who would drink a six pack each and every night for dinner. When asked about it, he would simply say, “Beer is Food”. Perhaps he was rationalizing a bit but well, he was not entirely wrong. Beer does contain protein and calories –both essential for living!

Anyway in honor of my long lost brother in sound Glenn, here’s beer as food.

I know the beer cans here are simply to facilitate the cooking of the birds but I squirm in my seat whenever I see a picture of this culinary technique.

With Guinness as the main course …

…followed by a Bud cake for dessert.

And for the kids, in the tradition of the candy cigarettes of my youth, we have beer suckers.

Bud Appetit!

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